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The Revolt of Rabbi Morris Cohen

The Revolt of Rabbi Morris Cohen

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Rabbi Morris Cohen, a brilliant school psychologist, went on a one-man strike to protest the systematic mislabeling of slow learning pupils as handicapped in order to extract special-education money from the state. Rabbi Cohen s sense of outrage was exceeded only by his irresistible sense of humor, which makes his disciplinary hearing a hilarious read. He achieved a historic victory by heralding reform of the state s billion-dollar special education program but lost his job, friends and the love of his family.

Glimpse into the mind of this eighth-generation Orthodox rabbi and modern day Pharisee as he struggled with rabbinic Judaism and the identity of the Messiah. The author, an award-winning journalist, playwright and a Messianic Jew, developed a most unlikely friendship through thundering theological disputes and tender heart-to-heart talks with Rabbi Cohen, a sworn enemy of Jews for Jesus.

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