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Letters from the Rock: Studies in Kefa (Peter)

Letters from the Rock: Studies in Kefa (Peter)

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Kefa (Peter) is one of those characters we both love to hate yet grudgingly admire. We are horrified at his weakness in denying Messiah when confronted by a mere servant girl … yet amazed at his boldness to jump out of the boat in the midst of a storm on the Sea of Galilee. In short, Kefa is just like us – filled with moments of seemingly endless faith; then days later crumbling in doubt and fear. Kefa’s two pastoral letters reflect the wisdom gained over a lifetime of service as well as the passion of the transforming work of the Spirit in his life. As such, they are filled with important lessons for those of us who dare to believe and follow in his footsteps. Written by Messianic Rabbi Joel Liberman and coming from a series of messages teaching a mature and committed congregation, Letters from The Rock is at once both practical and deep. Its pages resonate with compassion and challenge. More than a book of theory and theology, however, it is intended as a guide for how to live in a world of temptation and trial, suffering and setbacks. It is encouraging and inspirational, designed to move the reader from knowledge into action. We might say it embodies with the same spirit which changed the world nearly 2,000 years ago …

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