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Deerskin Torah Amud Column

Deerskin Torah Amud Column

  • $50.00

  • Have a wonderful part of scripture in your home.  These small torah scroll columns are now available at a very reasonable price.  
  • The scroll column scriptures are taken from Leviticus 4 through Leviticus 14.
  • From Iraq. This Sephardic pasul Torah Scroll was moved from Jerusalem to American in 2008.  The deerskin Scroll was written in Iraq with a reed using iron gall ink.  For the following reasons it is believed to have been written before the 20th century.  There is excessive iron gall ink degradation, there are patches and repairs to the Scroll.  The deerskin has turned darker with a shiny reddish tone.  These things are common in older Scrolls.  The only way to preserve the Scroll was to frame each column or sheet otherwise it would remain in the geniza never to be seen again.  

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