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Candle Tin  Covenant Scripture

Candle Tin Covenant Scripture

  • $8.00

From Abba Oil.  "Faith, Hope, Love...The greatest of these is LOVE" is the beautiful scripture from 1 Cor. 13 on our fabulously fragrant, Covenant silver-tone candle tin. This custom blended fragrance represents the commitment and devotion of the parties entering into a covenant relationship, both in the marriage covenant and in the believer's covenant with the Almighty One.  
A blend of 4 fragrances that represent the three participants of the Biblical Marriage Covenant: Bridegroom...Frankincense & Myrrh; Bride...Spikenard; and the Holy Spirit...Hyssop.
Each of the tins displays a powerful verse of scripture on the lid and is wrapped with a label containing additional scripture and spiritual significance of the Biblically-inspired fragrance.  Poured with our special eco-friendly soy blend wax, these candles make great inspirational gifts!
Approximate burn time: 16 - 20 hours

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